Upholstery & Soft Furnishing Cleaning

Service Information

When cleaning 3-piece-suite upholstery or other soft furnishings, it is very important to check for things like loose buttons or piping that is coming away from the cushion or carcass before we start. This is not a problem but being aware of such things is a must. We start by laying down waterproof tarpaulin sheets covered in large white laundered towels to give us a working area. Everything is then placed on top of our working area ready to be cleaned. The cushions are removed from the carcass so that we can give the carcass and cushions a thorough vacuum. Again, we use a unique triple cleaning process leaving your upholstery or soft furnishings feeling and smelling clean and fresh. Finally we place the cushions back on the carcass (loosely) to allow everything to dry quickly and evenly and replace the carcass to its original position in the room.

Soffit cleaning